Gifts shouldn't suck. Be a good friend and give them an awesome personalized blade.

I like unique gifts besides the traditional plaque, and couldn't find anything that fit the bill. we are! I want your gifts to wow. I want the recipient to display it proudly and have people ask who gave it to them and why. Plaques are boring. Don't be boring.

Whoa, wait. Blacksmith in Pakistan?! What?! You may be surprised to know that Persian blades have been prized weapons for centuries, and the forging skills have been passed down through generations of families. These are custom designed as beautiful presentation blades, and utilize 1095 blade steel (known for its ability to hold an edge), bone, buffalo horn, a variety of beautiful woods, various inlay materials for the handles, and are fully functional tools of cutting fury! I'll deal with the design, importing, and custom engraving. You just reap the rewards and huge smiles.
Look at the pictures, look around at prices, and then think how much someone would like to have one of these blades as a gift. I'm confident they'll love it.